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Degraded performance on

Jun 16 at 04:31am CEST
Affected services
Delivery API

Jun 16 at 09:06am CEST

Our internal monitoring have shown that our performance is back to normal as of 8.28 CET.

Microsoft are also reporting that customer should begin to see things come back to normal, although they have not officially resolved the issue in their end. But from your and and Enterspeed's perspective, we are back in business.

As always reach out if you have any questions.

Jun 16 at 04:31am CEST

We are currently experiencing degraded performance from our cloud provider. Since 4.31 CET we have seen prolonged response times from our Delivery API in our West Europe delivery region. About 0,5 % of Delivery API requests have also failed entirely between 4.31 and 8.10 CET.

Microsoft is working on mitigating the issue. We will update you when we now more from Microsoft.

You can following along on Azure's status page:

It may be an option for you to use our South East Asia Delivery Region:

Please contact us at or via your Slack support channel if you have any questions.